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Re: Introduce Yourself to the Forum!

Tue Jan 13, 2015 11:28 am

Hi All

Looks like it has been awhile since anyone has joined up on this site. I have to admit I just found it. I have been looking at quite a bit but it is more US based than Canadian. Although it would be nice to find a 3 bed, 2 bath, 1200 sq ft SFR in the perfect neighbourhood for $40k, they just don't seem to be available this side of the 49th. There is still a lot of good info there and many people willing to help get you through anything that may come up.

About me:
Middle aged Male, Live in Merritt BC with my wife of 33 years, 4 kids all grown up and on their own. Moved to Merritt 3 years ago from Williams Lake to try get some better climates and closer proximatey to our kids and 4 year old grand daughter. Currently living in a personal residence with a rental suite that brings in $800/month while working full time as an Electrician in 1 of 3 local sawmills. Also just completing a fix n flip which I have been working on part time for the last year and a half. (Way to long you say? Tell me about it).
I have been involved with Real Estate since my early 20's, always owning my own home and dealing with the odd rental unit and property developement over time and have found it to be way more financially benficial than options presented by financial managers and bankers. EG: $50k in a GIC, first year made $750 didn't quite make the full second year with earnings of $400 before I pulled out of it to finance my flip. Although I was assured this was a good thing, I couldn't see retirement happening anytime in the future with this type of income behind me.

Expectations from this site?
Who knows. Hopefully meet Canadian Real Estate Investors to exchange information and gain knowledge from others experiences and dealings. Not looking for partners or co-op type of investments with others regardless of how good it looks (nothing personal it's just how I am).

What's next?
Am always on the look out for local bargains and trying to find my next investment property. Seriously considering a buy n hold rental. To date my calculations say Max mortgage $175K, min income $2k/month should equal approximately $500/month cash flow after expenses. Would like to chat with someone experienced in the foreclosure arena as I have some questions...

Thanks for now,
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Re: Introduce Yourself to the Forum!

Mon Sep 21, 2015 2:53 pm

Hi all, my name is Nick. Nice to meet you.

A bit about myself:
I am in my late 20s working as a Realtor in Vancouver Metro area for a few years. I have been also working on some Entrepreneurial projects on the side in forms of web apps. I am actually working on one currently about Real Estate. The purpose is to help young people understand what Real Estate is all about, and to guide them through the process. It is still in the early stage, so I am working my butt off right now. My Fiance and I bought our first condo together not too long ago. Yay mortgage debt! Yep, that basically sums up my life. :|

Expectations from the site
I just want to meet some people, see what people are talking about in this Real Estate market and see what people are looking for. I am up for any casual discussions. And if people need help with anything Real Estate related, I am also open to help them as well. Looking forward to meeting some of you. :o
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Re: Introduce Yourself to the Forum!

Thu Feb 18, 2016 1:47 pm

1) Age / Location / Occupation
2) What real estate do you own?
3) What's your view on the market going forward? Buyer or seller? Which parts of the market?
4) Anything else?

1) My name is Jason Bugra, and I have recently joined Real Estate Talks forum. I am here to further learn about the real estate investment business, managing properties, and the legalities in BC. I am a Remax Property Manager, and I serve the Fraser Valley. Although my occupation is in real estate, I still believe there is so much more to learn. So what better way to learn then join this forum?

2) I own & manage real estate with my family, mainly in Abbotsford/Langley.

3) (BUYER)--- Several factors need to be considered with BC real estate, mainly because it varies city by city. From my own due diligence, I firmly believe real estate will continue to drive further up, due to our low currency (discounted for foreign investors), mainland chinese buyer depositing their cash in our country, Vancouver sellers trickling down to the rest of Fraser Valley, and lastly our economy is recovering (people are spending cash). -- Please note this is a conversation on its own, please message me if you want to speak about this further

4) I am blogging daily and am very open to discussion. Knowledge is key in this world!


Jason Bugra
(Remax Property Manager)
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Re: Introduce Yourself to the Forum!

Wed Aug 31, 2016 5:55 pm

Hi all my name is Will Vo I am 33 and work as a real estate agent in Calgary. Right now in Calgary it's a buyers market for sure the market has gone down a lot. 

If your looking to buy now's a good time if you are looking to sell you'll be waiting a while. Most houses sell for at least $10,000-$20,000 less then their original price.

Looking to network with other agents and learn more about the business. Also looking for marketing tips as well as feedback on my website and SEO strategies. 

Feel free to message me at any time!
Will Vo is a professional real estate agent in Calgary, Alberta under RE/MAX Canada. He helps people of all income levels buy and sell houses with the best results. For more more information visit
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Re: Introduce Yourself to the Forum!

Fri Oct 21, 2016 9:53 am

Hi everyone

Vancouver, BC
Own one small Condo (paid off)
Not a realtor.
I tried to sign up a few times over the last decade or so, and I did not get approved, until now.
WooHooo !!!
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Re: Introduce Yourself to the Forum!

Sun Nov 06, 2016 12:01 pm

Vancouver, BC
Looking forward to own a condo in neighbouring cities.

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